Borrowing System

Students ID cards stand as library card for borrowing library resources.

Members may borrow library resources for a maximum of three days and resources may be renewed.

Library resources are issued only to the members in person without any exception. The members are solely and fully responsible for safe keeping of the resources borrowed and their return on time.

Library resources are checked out by the designated library officer and need to be returned at the circulation desk during the working hours only.

A student may borrow 3 books at a time for a maximum of 7 days. A Faculty may borrow 5 (Five) books at a time for the whole semester. The Faculty/student member may borrow reference books, reserved books, journals and periodicals to make photocopy from outside for a period of one hours only depositing valid ID Card at the circulation desk

Returning Library Materials

All borrowed items must be returned to the library before the end of each Semester. The material is inspected when borrowed and returned. Incase damage is noted , the user is fined by the library accordingly.

Date due slips are placed in all library materials borrowed.


All Students must get their library clearnce to sit for the semester final exam.

Restrictions for Checking out Library Materials:

  • The borrower reached the maximum number of items allowed.
  • The borrower reached the renewal limit for an item.
  • The borrower has overdue item.
  • The borrower ID card has expired.
  • The borrowers owe money to AIUB.
  • The borrower violates any of the conditions in the Library Circulation Policies.

It is the borrower's responsibility to Know:

  • when materials are due to be returned.
  • Return materials to the CIRCULATION DESK on or before the due date.
  • Renew materials on or before the due date.
  • Return recalled materials to the CIRCULATION DESK immediately.
  • Exercise care in handling all library materials.
  • Report damage to materials prior to check-out.
  • Be accountable for all activity that takes place on your library account.
  • Pay any applicable fines or fees for lost, damaged, or overdue library materials.
  • Notify Circulation if your ID card is lost or stolen.

Lost/Damaged Items

Charges are assessed for lost or damaged materials to encourage library users to take proper care of AIUB library property. Please report all lost or damaged library materials as soon as possible. Once an item is declared lost or damaged, fines stop accruing . The Faculty/ student can replace a lost book with an exact copy of the borrowed item, or the library user will be charged the original replacement cost of the item.

Overdue Charge

All library users who borrow library materials are responsible for knowing the library fine policies. Fines are calculated after the expiry of the due date stamped on the slip posted at the end of the borrowed resources. Tk.10.00 only per day is charged for each item. Tk.50.00 only per calendar day fine is calculated after the expiry of the due date for reference books, reserved books, journals and periodicals.